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The Kent Klineman             Acting Studio

I studied acting with Sanford Meisner directly at The Neighborhood Playhouse.

Meisner had something no one else did: A technique that gets your attention off of yourself and onto your scene partner. I loved it. I spent every waking hour mastering it and then applying it in my own acting. I loved the work, but I did not like Meisner's harsh confrontational teaching style. I decided to open my own studio and teach the brilliant technique with kindness, compassion and clarity. I have taught acting all over the U.S. in all kinds of venues--Colleges and Universities such as UCLA and Pasadena City College and the Goodman School at De Paul in Chicago. But my favorite place to teach is in my own studio where I can give the work in its purest form to my students. Join us. Spread the word.

Spread the work. It's an amazing thing.

I also studied Voice with Kristin Linklater as a member of Shakespeare and Company. Kristin was and is arguably the world's most famous and influential voice teacher. Her brilliant one of a kind book Freeing the Natural Voice and my three years of work with her changed my entire way of approaching acting and singing.

I combine these two techniques in my private class and in my private coaching.

The class has been going for thirteen lucky years here in LA. Come check us out.

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